All beginners and 'non-athletes' please, read this!

If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me "I'm not a runner" or "I will never be able to run", I would be a very wealthy man.  

I'd still be coaching, mind you, because I love it - just have a heftier bank balance! 

People can be intimidated by running or fitness in general - I get it - but they need not be.

I could ask hundreds of my current runners to detail their own version of the above conversation they had with me.  Some of them were 6 months ago, some 11 years ago. Most of who, at the beginning, run for physical or emotional well being or to improve their mental health.  Some run for weight loss, for stress reduction or just to do something for themselves. These reasons are all so important and remain the main driver for nearly all our runners from beginner to elite.

What I'm really trying to express in this post is that if you have thought about getting fit, not even running just starting a fitness journey, the time is always now.

Please don't waste another minute living in fear or thinking about making a change.

Today is the day.

If you're reading this and knowing you have been sedentary for 3 decades and thinking "this person from Australia doesn't know me and my story" then you're right.  Every persons story is their own.

I have met thousands of people who genuinely believed that they couldn't ever run.   - but with their determination and my passion for helping people become better versions of themselves we were able to not only achieve their goal of running, but sustain it to the present day.  We teach running for life, not just a flash in the pan accomplishment you want to give up as soon as you've conquered the first hurdle.

I also have a love of physiology and sport science.  I know that there is never a mountain too high to climb on an individual's fitness journey.

- 50kgs overweight?

- Sedentary for 40 years?

- 5 or 6 legitimate injuries?

- Always fatigued and unmotivated?


Today is the day

Start now!

There is always a way. Please don't dismiss this as another standard blog, it really may just be the thing you need to get moving.

Follow my guide below and you will be on your way to building a sustainable regime. So much so that in 5 years you will forget about the nervousness and possible resentment you felt while reading this post.

Start and continue to keep it simple - Start out walking, or if walking is not an option start on a bike, for 30 seconds, resting 1 minute and then repeat.  We have walking and then jogging for beginners on the Runnez Virtual app if you need a guide. Don't build this whole fitness thing up to be something it's not.  You're simply putting one foot in front of the other.  Slowly increase the seconds walking until you are able to walk around the block.  Relax and enjoy the work.  Do not rush the process, let it come to you!  It may take 6 weeks it may take 12 months but if you're hardwired and consistent about your training it will come.   And what was once a pipe dream will start to feel very achievable.   

Once you can walk around the block, or can ride the bike for 15-20 min without stopping, you can start adding some strength training into your routine.  In this period bodyweight movements and some basic pin loaded weights at your local gym are optimal.  You can start to add in some forms of interval training as well.  A coach or an app are ideal for this for many reasons.  Technique and quality of work is hugely important, but an app or a coach will keep you consistent. Continuity of work, and not necessarily intensity, is the platform for you achieving all your fitness goals.

Patience - This is the key. As I mentioned above, don't rush.  Absorb the work and set yourself weekly process goals.  Then, maybe, some goals for 3 months, 12 months and even 5 years down the track.  Lots of short term, and some long term goals, are healthy and sustainable. Do not expect miracles within 12 weeks.

Be  consistent - do not wait until you feel "good" or "ready" to train.  You never will be.  Every single person who trains 4-5 times a week or more would regularly not 'feel like' working out some of those days. Those days are the most important. Back the intensity off and listen to your app, or coach. In 15 minutes you will feel a lot better. You then get the positive mental and emotional effects from physical activity for that day - and you are also putting another dollar in your fitness bank that would not have been there if you missed that day.  Back it off to 60% intensity, but don't miss that day.

Don't compare yourself - Everyone is on their own journey.  The less you compare yourself to others and allow yourself to listen to your body, and your coach, the fitter you will become. Be kind to yourself and treat exercise as a privilege and an absolute necessity (It is).

I believe this is the main reason Runnez has been such a massive success for over 11 years.  Thousands of different people, all working at their own fitness levels, gaining the same fitness results, without ego or fanfare. Embrace this as part of your day.

Nutritional Routine - I have spoken about training routine, but a big shift may have to be made in your dietary choices.  Please, don't stop reading - It is very doable.  The thing is, once you start moving you will want to fuel your body better.  Fresh foods, fruits and vegetables, unprocessed and low in sugar foods will start to become the norm.  The routine is king, planning ahead and being a bit more regimented with meals will make this a lot easier.  Still go out and enjoy some social beers or a nice dinner with friends, but the day to day nutrition has to become a lot more structured.

Just get started - You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  If you have never exercised, we can help you.  It's even more important that you make today the day.  Please don't waste another day being sedentary, scared or unhappy.  It is a beautiful thing to move daily and take care of yourself, and now that I have outlined that it may take 12 months - the pressure is off!  It will be a gradual journey.  It will have ups and downs.  It certainly wont happen overnight, but it will be the greatest thing you ever do for yourself.

Start now!