Training with a purpose.

There is a rather large difference between training and exercise.  Lately, with the invention of social networks, television shows promoting rapid weight loss, fitness gimmicks and network marketing nutritional schemes left right and bloody centre, its very easy to fall into a quick fix.


Setting goals


Every single workout has a purpose. A physiological, psychological, bio mechanical purpose. And yes, if we are consistent and be kind to ourselves there are amazing aesthetic by products as well. 

Always ask yourself the 'why' behind a session or a program. Please do not fall into the trap of exercising for the sake of exercising. Anyone can make you tired.  It takes a great coach to make you a better athlete. Even a brisk walk has a metabolic and muscular endurance stimulus. 

When programming, factor in quality, intensity, frequency and volume of sessions as well as recovery, nutrition, hydration sleep quality, stress levels, and general mood.

If you are a completing a quality workout, lets say an Aerobic repeats session, you know that you may be going to the well that particular day stressing your aerobic and lactic energy systems in particular - as well as all 3 muscle fibre types and your central nervous system. All these things given adequate time to recover come back stronger than before. 

Hence the need for smart programming to ensure we soak up the stimulus from each session.  

Same as each strength workout, every lift has a purpose, always lift with intent. 

A great workout, and furthermore a great program, is a sum of all its parts. 

Quality workouts, longer aerobic workouts, strength, power and injury prevention workouts, mobility drills, massages, nutrition and sleep are all pieces in the beautiful puzzle that improves the human organism. 

If you are reading this thinking "all I want to do lose is 10 kg and look good in a bikini" and possibly thinking this is all too technical, believe me its not.  It is athletic development and it works for everyone. It is the most intelligent and most sustainable way to get fit and stay fit. Like the great coach Bill Bowerman once said "If you have a body you're an athlete" 

Forget about quick fixes, or nutritional cleanses, set 3 or 4 different process goals 

For example, to row 2km in 8 min, be able to run 10 min non stop, complete 10 pushups on toes and feel better in your jeans. 

You can then sit down and plan your next month and program around these 4 goals.  With the right nutrition and sleeping patterns, you will hit or get very close to your process goals.  You will be feeling a lot better in all your clothes and the psychological benefits will be unparalleled to anything you have ever experienced!

Which brings me to the most important thing of all - have fun!!!!  Laugh often, trust the process, and don't be in a hurry.  If you're smart, work hard, and recover well, you will be the athlete you never thought possible.   

Take care of each other.






Rick Mirabella