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My beautiful family
Coaching amazing people every day
Aussie Rules Football

I'm lucky enough to have coached thousands of athletes every day since 2007. 

I bloody love it! I love the physiology of it, the psychology of it and seeing the body adapt overt time.

But most of all I love seeing people accomplish things they never dreamt possible.

I love working with beginners who have never put one foot in front of the other just as much as I love working with seasoned professionals, who are paid to play a sport.

I love hard work.

I  love educating as much as I enjoy learning myself but most of all I love having a laugh and enjoying the process.

My ideal afternoon is having a few beers, some tunes on and having a laugh with family and friends.

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Favourite things:
Coffee with Soy milk
Seinfeld - it's classic in my eyes and I can always relate.
Making my kids laugh - it's the best sound ever.

I coach Starfish Nippers (lifesaving for special needs kids) and love teaching my kids to swim in the pool.

I've always had a camera in my hand.  

Growing up, I would often make small movies with my friends and have been lucky enough to have made a career out of it.

I met Rick through a mutual friend and we kicked it off straight away.  I often call 'meetings' between Rick, Shell and I so we have to try some new cafe and it's coffee.

I never liked running until I started trialling Runnez episodes and now I have more running shoes than thongs (flip-flops) - which is a pretty huge statement for me indeed.

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Fun facts:
Nickname is 'Timsey'
Addicted to all things music

My world is running for the mind and music for the soul, with a slice of meditation & gratefulness.  

I live by minimalism. The music must always be cranked.

Helping people gives me a buzz and keeps me forever energised.  Being positive is something I pride myself on.

My favourite place to use Runnez Virtual is on the treadmill so I can control my session and make it a quality one. 

I am a proud mum of 3 and not afraid to say my favourite TV show is Neighbours ;)