What is Runnez Virtual?

Runnez Virtual is like having a running coach, personal trainer and life coach in your pocket.

We provide running programs for every level of running ability.  If you have never run before we have programs to help get you started.  If you're an experienced professional we have programs to improve your running too.

We also provide courses on how to best prepare and maintain your body and mind while embarking on your running journey.


Anywhere, anytime.

use your favourite mobile device to travel with runnez virtual.

Use Runnez Virtual anywhere

Our running programs are designed to work for you wherever you are.  Be that on a treadmill, a running track, the local park or even your driveway.

Imaging have your personal trainer, running coach and friend all helping you run your best while having fun.  That's Runnez Virtual.



We have a range of courses that step you through the steps you need to take to sure that you body not only performs at its best, but also recovers well too.



Recovering well from a workout is as important as doing the workout itself.

Let our videos guide you through the best way to ensure your body remains at its optimum.


Prepare to succeed

Learn how to prepare you body to be its best.


Ensuring your body can stand up to the riggers of exercise, it's important to be able to run at your best.

We will take you through a range of strength and conditioning exercises that you can do to ensure you're always at your peak.

Personal trainer in your pocket?  Now you have one.