Frequently asked questions

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+ Where can we use Runnez Virtual?

Anywhere you have the app installed or access to a computer with internet access.

+ Do I have to use a treadmill for Runnez Virtual?

Absolutely not! All of our programs are designed to be used anywhere - treadmills, tracks, outside - anywhere you can run!

+ I am not a runner, is this for me?

Of course! The Runnez system is built for people who have never run before but simply want to start.

+ Do I have to run?

No. We encourage beginners to walk parts of programs while they are initially starting their running journey. Our plans also encompass bikes, ellipticals in addition to treadmills and tracks.

+ Do I need wifi?

No, you don’t! You can watch Runnez from any internet connected device at any time. You can also download our videos to use when you have no internet connection.

+ I don't want to use all my phone data downloading videos - is there a way I can download them in advance?

Yes! You can download our videos over wifi and store them on your device to watch any time you want.

+ Where can I watch Runnez?

Anywhere, anytime.

+ What devices can I use?

Any internet connected digital device!

+ Is the app for iPhone and Android?


+ How do I sign-up?

Press the Join Us button at the bottom of this page

+ Do I save money by signing up yearly?

You sure do!

+ Is there a list of sample courses?

Yes! Head over the the Programs page

+ Will there be any new sessions?

Yes, every month we will have at least 1 new session and new discussions with experts in their field.

+ Is there anything other than running sessions?

Yes, there are videos with experts in Sports Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, Functional movement screening and injury prevention - amongst others.