What is a quality session?

I'm going, to be honest here.  I don't always listen to everything Rick says.

Phew, I'm glad I got that off my chest.

The thing is, even when I don't think I am listening - it turns out that I am.

I had a real lightbulb moment recently.

Rick often says "if this is your quality session for the week...' and then continues on with something relevant to the session.  I have heard him say that so many times, but I never really took it in.  It's not even that I wasn't listening, as much as it was that I didn't truly comprehend its meaning.

As you may know, recently I started training to try and get close to doing a marathon.  

I've been doing 2-3 Runnez Virtual sessions a week and 1 longer run.

Normally I do my Runnez sessions and that rounds out the running for me for the week - not usually doing any kind of 'casual running'.

It was time to do my first long run as part of my training and I was a little bit nervous.  It was 15 mins jogging followed by 3 minutes of walking repeated 3 times.

Depositphotos_29500311_xl-2015 800x600@1x.png

This was 45 minutes of running.  In a single session.  

I've only ever run 5km in a single run when it was for charity and even that is only once a year - and always a bit of a struggle.

The first long run day came.  I put my usual tracks on my headphones and set off.

Jogging was what I was going for and it took a few minutes to hold myself back from my usual pace.  Not that that pace is fast, just that it was too fast for me to sustain for 15 mins. Especially when I was supposed to be doing a 15-minute jog.

I got about 10 minutes in and thought, "Gosh, this is feeling much easier than I remember" and I made it through to 15 minutes without any issue.

I had the 3-minute break and started again with the 15-minute run and again it felt quite easy.  I was thrilled.

Over the next 2 weeks, I did my 2-3 Runnez Virtual sessions and 1 long run and it was getting easier and easier each time.

Now I understand what a quality session is.  It is the session that you do that enables you to do your 'regular' runs more easily.  Putting all you've got into your Runnez Virtual sessions allows you to get better at your running.  And being better means that it's getting easier.

I've never been happier in my running life!