Gold Coast Marathon 2018

Shell, Rick and I headed to the Gold Coast this year to be part of the Gold Coast Marathon action.


There were a number of Runnez family running as well and we wanted to be there to cheer them home.

For me, I was excited to head north to be able to visit some family and friends I don't get to see all that often.

We were lucky enough to be accepted into the Convention that was being held as part of the marathon event.

We had our Runnez App stall and were able to meet some amazing people.

It was my first experience with a marathon and my eyes were really opened.  

Having the opportunity to meet so many people who had so many, different and inspiring stories was truly special.

We met people who had never run a marathon before, some who were doing it for a special cause, some for that someone special and some who have run over 200 marathons and travel the world because they love running.

There was a real feeling of camaraderie amongst all the runners - and I was really taken aback by that.

After 3 days of being around these people, I wanted to be part of it. 

I decided to train myself for next years Gold Coast marathon and see if I can do it.  Even the half-marathon would fill me with a feeling of accomplishment.  Especially given I haven't been a runner for very long.  

So if you are in the same position as me, jump in, be part of it.  I'll share my training plan with you and we can all discuss our progress.

What else did we do while we were in the Gold Coast?


Well, we had some fun!  We filmed some new clips for the Runnez apps which you'll see popping up soon.

You can check our Instagram page for more photos and videos from when we were there - and if you have the app you'll see the new content very soon.

We interviewed a number of runners while we were there, and you can see this video above.

Thank you Gold Coast for letting us meet some amazing people and some amazing weather!

Until next year!