Surprise yourself

There are days when I can't be bothered going to the gym.  Make sure my clothes look ok, hair is solid, get in the car, drive through the traffic, find a park, get inside, be social, run, clean the treadmill, be social, get into the car, drive home and so it goes...

I won't deny it.  There are days where that is all too much.

Before I started enjoying Runnez programs I never would have considered running outside a gym or off a treadmill.

I really enjoy the motivation from a Runnez session and am not always the best at motivating myself.

Runnez Virtual changed all that for me.

Take the other day for example.  I was going to go to the gym for a run, but it turns out it was full of school kids doing a running program.

It was a spectacular day, so I said to myself that I would go for a run along the beach.

I picked one of my favourite Runnez Virtual sessions, popped on my headphones and headed off

You can see my run here:

I had been for runs outside before, but never one like this with Runnez Virtual in my ears.

I travelled a lot further than I ever would have if I had just been running without inspiration.

In fact, even looking back on it now I am amazed at the distance I covered in only 40 minutes of a running program.

The best part?  It was fun.  And damn it felt good.

Still does.