Runnez Virtual inside your gym

Runnez Virtual is the perfect program to have in your gym.

Each program is 40 minutes in length and can be enjoyed from beginners to professionals - on treadmills, cross-trainers and bikes.

The best part?  People have fun while they are getting fit.  

People from all over the world enjoy Runnez Virtual via their mobile devices and now we offer gyms an affordable monthly rate with unlimited use.



With Runnez Virtual in your gym, you will notice the community spirit rise.

The Runnez Virtual family

Once your gym and its members are part of the Runnez family, you will notice a huge sense of family and achievement within the gym.

Members will work together and push each other to better results.


We cater for bike users

Not everybody can run and we understand that.  All of our programs are bike-friendly and we ecourage gym members to use whatever device is right for them


Crosstrainers welcome

It's awesome when members want to get oon the crosstrainers and joina Runnez program.


Starting on the right step

We will assist you in ensuring the best way to have runnez virtual integrate successfully with your business.

“We will motivate your gym members to get the results they are craving.
— Runnez Virtual

Our instructors are free


Because you pay a monthly fee, you get unlimited use of the Runnez Virtual system at your gym.  This means that you can have classes running at any time - even when instructors cannot.  Late night?  Early morning?  No problem!



Further benefits

Consider Runnez as an exciting new program to beat other fitness chains to the starting line.   Runnez brings endless amounts of potential to Gyms and Health clubs, some of the fantastic benefits include:


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