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Beginning new


Never run before?

None of us started running the moment we were born.  Some of us started early in life, some later and some have never run before.

We have a range of programs that are free to access to get you from having never run before - to being ready to join the Runnez Virtual programs.

These programs are free forever from within the app.  You don't need to commit to doing Runnez Virtual until you feel you're ready.

The first program is called Beginning New - and you can find it under the free access area of our app.

We promise though, once you start you will never want to stop!

This content will be free, forever.

We want you to become the best runner you can be.  So, if you feel you aren't ready to start running we want to help you get there.

We have a step-by-step program that will get you motivated from having never run before - to being able to actively participate and enjoy our Runnez Virtual programs.

See below for steps on how to access the Runnez Virtual programs for free.


Access free content

We want to get you started on your running journey.  We have programs in our free content area to get you from having never run before - to participating and loving our Runnez Virtual programs.


Install the app from your app store of choice

Using Apple App store or Google play, search for 'Runnez' and install our app.  Once installed, open the app and press the Browse button to view the free content.


Free access

Click on the Free access area at the top of the screen to view the free content.


Select your program

Once you are inside this area, you have the option of pressing the 'Start Watching' button to view all the free content in order, or you can select your content by scrolling down and selecting any video you wish.